Delta Hybrid Produkt

Delta Hybrid

Highest energy efficiency and reduction of Life Cycle Costs

  • Reliability and durability
  • Low sound emission
  • Without absorption material
  • Space saving, ease of handling and reduction of maintenance costs
  • Expanded operating- and increased pressure range

Послепродажный сервис

Послепродажный сервис


Тел.: +7 (498) 683 23 63
Факс: +7 (498) 683 23 73
Наш адрес: Московская обл.,г. Химки, ул. Репина, д.2/27


New customer journal

compress-2-2016 2/2016

- AERZEN is helping a WWTP to reduce its energy usage
- Even better performance in the aeration tank
- "Expect a lot!"
- Always well-informed, and now mobile as well
- Every kilowatt utilised optimally

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